Kindred Shins - 'Yes To Rioting Notoriety'
11th August 2013
 Written by:
Matt Ward
Rock and Roll/Blues

London, England

Record Label:
A Girl Called Grace Records



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The year 2013 may just stand out forever in the minds of Kindred Shins. The boys not alone release their latest EP Yes To Rioting Notoriety on September 30th via A Girl Called Grace Records, but they also have a 3-night stint in none other than New York City to look forward to.

The band, which consists of Sonny McFadyen (Vocals), Dave James (Lead Guitar), Dave Cooper (Bass) and Leon Morgan (Drums), provide us with a lot of pain, a drop of heartache and a few tales within this killer 6-track EP. You can hear a lot of musical influences throughout, but the overwhelming sound is one of a blues-rock variety.​

Stand out tracks include ‘Sweet And The Strange’ and ‘Red Eyes Blues’ simply for the tremendous guitar riffs which they both contain, and the track which really makes the EP tick and could well be a hit ‘She Floats Just Like The Witch’. This track has a little bit of everything from the powerful drums performance, a catchy chorus with standout vocals, and a haunting riff which sounds like the guitar is screaming out in blissful agony.

You can tell that the guys have put a lot of blood, sweat and sheer hard work into this EP, and we all know that these are the key elements in bringing success. The bands website is definitely worth checking out, for the band bio part alone. With a steady following and their mini tour of America, this could well be the milestone year that propels Kindred Shins into the big time.

Track Listing:

1) Bitch Be Cool
2) The Smoker Never Quits
3) Sweet And The Strange
4) We Both Know But I Ain't Saying Nothin'
5) She Floats Just Like The Witch
6) Red Eyes Blues

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