No Wasting Time with The Phantoms

9th March 2015
Written by:
Matt Ward

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With the pending release of their latest single ‘Wasting Time’, what better time to catch-up with Broxburn’s indie rock band The Phantoms and discuss all things new music. The Caley Sample Room in the Scottish capital provided the perfect location for a relaxed informal chat with one half of the band, lead singer Colin Simpson and lead guitarist Colin McKillop.


On arriving in the pub, The Rolling Stones can be heard in the background and the sun is streaming through the windows (in February no less) as we take a seat and get down to discussing the new single. The track was recorded back in October 2014 with the help of the ever reliable Mark Morrow Audio. ‘We recorded it in Mark’s house like we did with our previous tracks,’ starts Colin S. ‘We got it all down in one day and wrote some of the lyrics as we went.’ Mark Morrow has since relocated his studio to The Depot Studios in the Granton area of Edinburgh, which Colin S thinks makes ‘Wasting Time’ feel like ‘the end of an era in a way’ for the band.


The video for the single, which has had over 1,000 hits within the first few weeks of its release on YouTube, was directed and cut by Stuart Breadner of Shootback Productions. ‘We filmed it at Titan Props through in Glasgow, the centre of the universe,’ jokes Colin S. ‘I think STV have done a lot of stuff there.’ Titan Props is a large warehouse unit which was no doubt an experience. ‘It was the coldest place ever,’ adds Colin M. ‘My feet were numb by the end of it.’ On the question of did they enjoy that side of making a record, the answer was a resounding ‘no’.


So, what of the single itself? ‘We listened to a lot of Royal Blood when writing this single,’ states Colin M. ‘This is the heaviest track we’ve done by a mile.’ The band have received a fair bit of exposure with their previous single ‘Revolution’ and feel that their latest track is a natural progression. ‘I really do like the single musically,’ says Colin S with a smile on his face. ‘Its about being selfish and mucking people about and then asking yourself, have you made up your mind?’ he continues. ‘The chorus for this one is quiet deep. I am sorry if I let you down.’ The artwork for the soon to be released single was taken from a local brickyard in Pumpherston, near Colin M’s home.


The chat then moves towards the future and what comes next. ‘We’ve had a lot of listeners from America, so we need to get a tour on the go over there,’ jokes Colin S. All joking aside, it would seem that they have a few venues closer to home on their horizon. ‘I want to play T Break. I really want to play T in the Park,’ confesses Colin M. Entries for a chance to play at TITP’s T Break stage for this years festival are now being accepted. ‘I’ve got my heart set on Murrayfield, I’m not going to lie,’ laughs Colin S.


You can’t help but feel a burning desire within them to succeed and not release just any old track. ‘Every album or single needs to be a progression,’ says Colin M. ‘ I’d hate to release 5 albums that sounded the same.’ The Phantoms appear to have a very professional approach when it comes to their music. The lads are also massive fans of Catfish and the Bottlemen and what they’ve achieved in the last 18 months or so. ‘Catfish are a kind of inspiration for us, says Colin S. ‘But we don’t try and replicate anyone else, we just try and do our own stuff.’


Back to the here and now and The Phantoms have a supporting slot at King Tut’s in Glasgow on 14th March for Cold Ocean Lies, a venue which they have played a couple of times before. Their more immediate goal is to have their own headline show at the historical venue in the not too distance future, and one that looks a distinct possibility.



**You can purchase tickets for the King Tut’s gig here**


Buy 'Wasting Time' for 79p

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