Ulysses - 'Kill You Again'
8th July 2013
 Written by:
Matt Ward

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April 2013 must go down as a milestone month for Ulysses. Not only did the month see them supporting the ever increasingly popular Rival Sons on their UK tour, but their debut album Kill You Again was released under Black Glove Record label.

The band, which consists of Luke Smyth (Vocals/Guitar), Julyan Wells-Cathedral (Bass/Vox), Tom Sartoryal (Guitar/Percussion/Vox) and Shane Maxymus (Drums/Vox), originate from the Bath/Bristol area of England. The guys have recently had a fair bit of airtime from DAB radio stations Planet Rock and Team Rock Radio, which has helped in bringing them to the attention of a wider audience.

Kill You Again is a tricky one to categories. In a few instances you have a definite pop feel to the album with tracks ‘April Showers’ and ‘Mrs Drawnel’, you can then sprinkle on a bit of blues in the way of ‘French/Japanese’, chuck in the hidden gem ‘Oh Yeah (Uh Huh Huh)’ for good measure, and finish it all off with the standout rock anthem, ‘Taxi Driver’.

'Taxi Driver’ is one of those tracks that you need to listen to at full volume to get the maximum desired affect. A perfect track for sharing with your neighbours on a Saturday night when you’re getting ready to hit the town.

Like most new albums, a few listens is required, but one thing’s for sure, you’ll be sure to find a track which suits all musical tastes. Kill You Again certainly couldn’t be classed as samey. The guys have finely crafted this album and I’m sure future success is just around the corner.

​Track Listing:

1) Mrs Drawnel
2) Oranges & Mary
3) Strays
4) Kill You Again
5) L.O.V.E. Yeah
6) Dominoes Ace
7) April Showers
8) French/Japanese
9) Lesson One
10) Inland Revenue
11) Taxi Driver
12) Oh Yeah (Uh Huh Huh)

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