Stags - 'Just Like You'
17th July 2014
 Written by:
Matt Ward

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After the apparent success of last November’s single ‘Stealing My Heart’, which lead The Independent to quote them as “one of the best emerging bands of the year”, Stags are back with their latest single ‘Just Like You’, due for release on 28th July under an independent label.

This unsigned psychedelic grunge four-piece, who currently reside in London, consist of Christopher Finney (vocals & guitar), Alessio Pesaresi (guitar & backing vocals), Oisin Walsh (bass) and George Vallack (drums).

With a slightly laid back intro, you could be mistaken for initially thinking this track was simply just going to drift along. That thought is quickly dispelled when Finney lets his distinctively “raspy” vocals off the leash and is met in the middle by Pesaresi’s Tame Impala-esque guitar licks.

There’s an air of intrigue throughout the track due to little pockets of silence, which leaves you second guessing what might come next. You can certainly feel the heavy influences of Nirvana and Pearl Jam throughout their work, this track included.

‘Just Like You’ eventually sets off like a speeding train, with thanks in large to Vallack’s driving drum beats, before it reaches its destination and leaves you pressing that play button over and over again.

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The Word on New Music