Ballerina Black - 'Injureless: Svart'
13th February 2014
Written by:
Matt Ward

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With a fair few unsigned bands & artists around at the moment, trying to find a standout act can at times be like trying to find a grown adult at a One Direction concert. One band that thankfully doesn’t fall into that bracket is Ballerina Black.

Originating from Los Angeles, California, Ballerina Black is the moniker for the music of Bobby Moynahan (Guitar & Vocals), with a helping hand from co-founder Esli Sugich (Bass & Guitar), Scott Eton (Keyboards & Guitar) and Romeo Mendoza (Drums).

The bands most recent self released 5-track EP, Injureless: Svart, came out in September 2013 and gives you a great feel for what Ballerina Black can bring to the party. This 80s mope-rock package have previously supported the likes of Silversun Pickups and Interpol and will be touring the UK within the coming months.

Opening track ‘Sauves Grey’ is a catchy number, which is perfectly suited to Moynahan’s gentle vocals. ‘Yaphet Kotto’ has a little bit of Empire of the Sun about it, along with a strong Depeche Mode feel, which is as good a compliment as any.

The standout track has to be ‘Knves’ (intentionally missing the ‘i’). The track kicks off with an eerie guitar intro leaving the listener unsure as to what’s coming next. This is a perfectly balanced track throughout that reaches its climax with a stunning guitar riff which is crying out to be listened to at full volume.

If you’re a lover of synthesized 80s pop-rock, then these guys are well worth a listen. The only thing that’s unclear about Ballerina Black is why the hell they haven’t been signed up already?

Track Listing:

1) Sauves Grey
2) Yaphet Kotto
3) Knves
4) Red Pencil
5) Obedience/Terminal Dispath

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