Fuck Art, Let's Dance! - Edinburgh

28th November 2013

 Written by:
Matt Ward

Germany’s Fuck Art, Let’s Dance! paid a visit to Auld Reekie on their whistle stop tour of Scotland which also sees them take in Glasgow and Inverness. This pop four-piece from Hamburg, who released their debut album Atlas in April 2014, are made up of Nicolas Ford (singer & guitar), Romeo Sfendules (guitar), Damian Palm (bass) and Timothy Hansen (drums). 


The support act on this notably quiet Tuesday evening in Electric Circus came from local up and coming band The Rah’s, who were test driving their next single ‘If You Never Try, You’ll Never Know’.

Pop Rock

Fuck Art, Let's Dance!


Electric Circus, Edinburgh

25th November 2014


FALD took to the stage with Rammstein’s ‘Amerika’ bellowing out through the PA system before settling in nicely with tracks ‘Atlas’, ‘We’re Manicals!’ and ‘Fake Love’. By the time they got around to ‘Sense’ the small crowd gathered at the front of the stage had found their dancing feet. The evening finished off with ‘Those Dancing Days’ and Fuck Art, Lets Dance! departed the stage with a few more followers than they started the night with. 

(Photos by Gabby Stone Photography)

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