The OK Social Club - 'Baby Eat Your Heart Out'

4th May 2015
 Written by:
Matt Ward

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June 1st 2015 heralds the official return to the music scene for The OK Social Club in the shape of the bands 2nd studio album, Baby Eat Your Heart Out released on Platform Records.


Over 2 years have passed since the release of The OK Social Club’s popular debut album, Nothing In Common, but Raff Eragona (vocals & guitar), Chris Finn (guitar & backing vocals), Gordy Burn (bass) and Jordan Harvey (drums) have re-joined the main stage with this expansive, punchy little number.


From the off its evident that the boys have taken a few risks in mixing their previously reliable sound with this fresher, more complete tone that takes them to the next level. Baby Eat Your Heart Out gently eases you into proceedings with a distinct 80’s vibe courtesy of ‘A La Mode’, before introducing lead single ‘Walkie Talkie’ which is released on May 4th.


‘Camarilla’ and ‘Tough Love (Waiting for Something to Happen)’ are a “tip of the hat” to the bands earlier days and ‘5s (It’s In Your Blood)’ is a cracker that shows off Raff Eragona’s full vocal range. The moving ‘Women and Children First’ brings things down a notch before the fast paced ‘In a Heartbeat’, which has a slight Kings of Leon ‘No Money’ feel to it, closes the album off perfectly.


It’s safe to say that The OK Social Club’s musical experiment has passed with flying colours and that Baby Eat Your Heart Out will no doubt be the album of the summer for fans old and new alike.




Track Listing:


1) A La Mode

2) Walkie Talkie

3) Camarilla

4) 5s (It’s In Your Blood)

5) Women and Children First

6) Old School Down

7) Tough Love (Waiting for Something to Happen)

8) Keeping Up Appearances

9) Unconditional Love (Cracks)

10) In a Heartbeat



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